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qingdao hai liya group chairman zhang xuming won the national "women's meritorious service" honorary title

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       april 21, the national urban and rural women's meritorious service advanced collective (individual) recognition of the general assembly and "women's civilization kong" 20 anniversary of the seminar held in the beijing west hotel conference, vice chairman of the standing committee of the national people's congress chairman of the national women's federation shen yue yue attended the meeting and speech , vice chairman of the all-china women's federation, the first secretary of the secretariat song xiuyan presided over the meeting.
                                                                                                                                      chairman zhang xuming and the national women's volleyball team
        from the national provinces and municipalities women's federation, the central state organs of the relevant ministries, the national women's federation organs, directly under the unit responsible person and award-winning representatives attended the meeting, hai liya group chairman zhang xuming as a national women's pacesetter, invited to attend the national women's federation organized the commendation of the general assembly, and with the national volleyball team yuan xinyue and other national 15 fencing representatives on behalf of the stage award.

zhang xu-ming, chairman and representatives of the party came to accept the award

shen yuelue and zhang xuming, chairman of the photo

vice chairman of the national people's congress, the national women's federation chairman shen yueyue

       shen yueyue on behalf of the all-china women's federation to commend the advanced collective and advanced individuals expressed warm congratulations. she pointed out that since the 18th party congress, the party central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core has always attached great importance to the cause of women. general secretary xi jinping has made important speeches on promoting the comprehensive development of women and giving full play to the unique role of women in social life and family life, and made clear demands to provide a fundamental follow for the work of the women in the new situation. direction. we must earnestly study and carry out the important speech spirit of general secretary xi jinping and consciously assume the historical mission entrusted by the times and make new and greater contributions to the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics.